Greg Puciato to release new album ‘Child Soldier: Creator of God’ this year

Greg Puciato, screaming politely. [PC: Digital Beard.]

I adore The Black Queen. There’s just something so special about the moody, dark-wave synth-pop that Greg Puciato croons over, spilling all of his guts to, and their two records: 2016’s masterful ‘Fever Daydream‘ and 2018’s solid sophomore, ‘Infinite Games.’ Yet when the man screams in any band, on any song, it is so urgent, so face-melting, and so gripping that it’s just as special in its own unique way.

With instrumental dissonance, ominous keys, thick distorted layers and hearing Greg intensely screaming like a madman once again, ‘Fire For Water‘ is a neat first taste of what new music the enigmatic vocalist has been cooking up on the sidelines. At first, it sounds like a mixture of the brooding electronica and dark industrial of Nine Inch Nails, but then it builds into being fused with the sporadic, crazed hardcore that made The Dillinger Escape Plan legends. All as Greg sings and screams as powerfully as ever, with drums and additional programming done by former Coheed & Cambria drummer and ex-TDEP member, Chris Pennie. It seems like a colliding of two musical and thematic worlds for Greg.

Fire For Water‘ is pulled from the vocalist’s new upcoming debut full length, ‘Child Soldier: Creator of God,’ which is due out later this year on his label, Federal Prisoner. (A sly little John Dillinger reference right there.) Bathe in it below:

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