There’s no rest for Honest Crooks with their latest heavy-hitter

There’s no rest for the wicked & Honest Crooks ain’t slowing down. 

They say that there’s no rest for the wicked, and Honest Crooks have one hell of a tour-dog attitude. In the last three years, the band has completed multiple trips around Australia and worked hard to have a strong name within the local heavy music scene off the back of 2017’s ‘Suffer‘ EP and 2019’s ‘Damage Control‘ three-track.

Moving forward, the NSW slammers have signed up with EVP Recordings, officially dropping ‘No Rest‘ today. A brutal, bruising death-metal-meets-hardcore track, ‘No Rest‘ swings hard and dirty, from slow hard-hitting breakdown to slow china-laden breakdown. At its core, it’s a self-commentary on their hard-working ethics, where they’ve come from, what they’ve done, and what the hope to achieve. Vocalist Brodie Graham said as much of their latest single, sharing:

“No Rest is a song for the people that think we don’t deserve to be given the opportunities we receive. We have sacrificed careers, relationships and our own mental and physical health to be where we are today. To discredit that is a personal attack. No Rest is a story about hard work, perseverance and reigning on top but also a story of how jealousy and disrespect will only hold you back.” 

Starting out with a sample of that old, infamous Mike Tyson quote where the fighter lost his utter shit at someone during a press conference – a strangely poetic and telling outburst of anger, violence, sadness, and confusion that saw him say “you can’t last two minutes in my world, bitch,” among some pretty heated homophobic lines – ‘No Rest‘ stampedes with the biggest snare tone in the game, burly drum hits, snarling and growling screams, and equally chugging and buzzing guitar riffs. Barring a little butt-rock singing section at 2:29, something new for the band’s sound, this is as Honest Crooks as Honest Crooks can get otherwise.

Besides writing cool new slam tunes, Honest Crooks have also nobly been using their music and small platform to help give back to the community following a national crisis. Through selling their benefit Hatebreed-inspired fire T-shirts, playing a charity gig, and even auctioning off their stage banner, THC was able to donate $1,800 towards Wires, joining other Australian heavy acts like Parkway Drive in showing solidarity with deeply affected Aussie communities devastated by our nation’s worst fire season.

Check out ‘No Rest‘ below, as well as the band’s Invasion Fest 2020 set on hate5Six over here. Or don’t, cowards.

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