The Acacia Strain drop new two-track EP, ‘D’

The Acacia Strain give fans the big D with new EP.

The Acacia Strain’s new EP, ‘D,’ is the first in a series of other EPs this year that’ll come together to make a new record – which was recorded and written around the same time as 2019’s different and oppressively heavy LP, ‘It Comes In Waves‘ – and which when placed next to each other, will spell out the full album title. (Calling it right fuckin’ now, it’ll be something like ‘Death’ or ‘Dying.’)

Though unlike their last outing from the previous year, these two tracks off ‘D‘ are far more straight-forward Acacia Strain numbers; the more familiar TAS sound that fans have come to know over time. So don’t expect something extremely out there or drastically different. The ominous ticking sounds and instrumental swell that begins ‘Feed A Pigeon Breed A Rat,’ which is some solid pet caring advice if you’re looking to have some kind of rat farm, is the thickened, “tune-low, play-slow” vibe TAS that’s defined their older records. Breakdowns, dark atmosphere and all, with Vincent Bennett’s well-enunciated low-to-mid screams bellowing all-over the mix. Stepping out at a faster pace is the rapid-fire double-kicks and resonate tones of ‘Seeing God,’ the fairer half of this pair, which is definitely being the mosh rager of the two.

While there’s nothing all that special about ‘Feed A Pigeon Breed A Rat‘ or ‘Seeing God,’ TAS fans will no doubt relish in these two songs – calling them “slappers” and such – until the inevitable next EP drops soon enough. Some larger experimentation and ambition like their last record wouldn’t have gone amiss here, but you could do a lot worse for this type of metalcore, too.

Stream the ‘D‘ below:

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