Blood Command explode on newest single, ‘Saturday City’

Norway’s Blood Command go all-in on ‘Saturday City.’ 

Blood Command doesn’t take themselves too seriously; their music is all about fun; it’s all about the party, man. That’s always been the biggest ace up their sleeve: their songs are just fuckin’ fun. No truer is that the case than with their newest single, the bright and upbeat ‘Saturday City.’ It’s a song that makes you feel like the world is yours; like a crazy, unforgettable Saturday night out on the town that never ends.

Saturday City‘ stands at a glorious midpoint between 2017’s eclectic and electrifying ‘Cult Drugs‘ and the simpler melodic punk rock of 2019’s ‘Return of the Arsonist‘ EP. Tis the best of both worlds for the sound of these four Norweigan rockers. The bombastic production, the propulsive tom-heavy drumming, dry driving guitar riffs, funky bass lines, subtle hand percussion, huge synth melodies, to Karina Ljone’s primal yells and sweet vocal hooks all culminates in a rip-roaring, colored and explosive tune.

Expect to see more from Blood Command released via Hassle Records in 2020.

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