fleshwater (featuring members of Vein) release their first demo

Members from Vein have pulled together to create an alt-metal/shoegaze band in the shape of fleshwater, releasing their first three-track demo tape recently.

Vein has turned so many heads over the last few four or so years by not only being an extreme, violent hardcore band but for also having an ear for other influences, for other genres and bands outside the usual dissonant hardcore norm. That’s why 2018’s ‘errorzone‘ was so bloody good! A similar songwriting ethos pervades into fleshwater, an alt-metal/shoegaze side-project that’s been formed by various members of the much-lauded Boston heavy outfit.

Shared and announced by Vein on their social media the other day, fleshwater’s lively three-track debut demo is a fuzzy, groovy, hazy experience: full of monotone, floating lo-fi vocals, waves of distortion and fuzz, angular guitar riffs, low grumbling bass-lines, awesome swirling ambiance, and colossal grooves. ‘linda claire‘ and ‘what was really said‘ shimmer and distort under a reverb-soaked, drifting gloomy ether, whereas the faster-paced, more energized ‘this, if anything‘ (my personal favourite of the trio) ends with some screamed vocal layers, alarmist guitars, and a somewhat discordant breakdown outro. It’s sick!

This is definitely one for lovers of Deftones, Greet Death, Smashing Pumpkins, and Superheaven. A neat little shoegaze release that will bide us all over until new Vein eventually drops. Check out the barely 8-minute demo below:

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