Hopesfall embark on a nine-minute atmospheric journey with ‘Hall of the Sky’

With ‘Hall Of The Sky,’ Hopesfall are still the masters of their atmospheric, post-hardcore craft.

Described by the American band themselves as a “riff and space explosion,” which is definitely accurate, ‘Hall Of The Sky‘ is one of Hopesfall’s greatest creations yet. Sounding like an immaculate ‘Arbiter‘ B-side, this latest epic has the riffy, post-hardcore energy that you’d expect from the matured group – with a gritty, grumbling bass performance locking it all down – combined with the soaring post-rock moods and some genuinely shimmering instrumental beauty to boot. The kind that this lengthy yet lush song blossoms into during its atmospheric second half, following a drawn-out mid-section driven by distorted bass lines, repeated snare-drum rudiments, and distant guitar licks, building the biting tension right up into what is eventually an emotional, radiant finish.

Described by the five-piece as a song about “…the plight of an activist or a revolutionary – the danger of standing up against institutions that are bigger than they are” (an explorative, journey theme that its music video embodies), ‘Hall of the Sky‘ is a true saga. It’s a beautiful, delay-swelling piece that sees Hopesfall as masters of this post-hardcore, atmospheric craft. This song is a real round-about trip, as it shows that what the band was aiming for as young men just under 20 years ago, is still a driving force in their songwriting and vision today, with as much heart as ever. And that’s a very rare thing these days!

Fall into the loving sky below:

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