‘Trilogy’ 2020: Silent Planet unleash new mental health anthem

Silent Planet hit hard & fast with ‘Trilogy,’ an introspective, masterful new metalcore jam about mental health & being human. 

Last year, Silent Planet frontman and all-round good bloke, Garrett Russell revealed to fans that he’d be suffering duress from mental illness and was checking himself into therapy following extensive touring off the back of 2018’s ‘When The End Began.’ This kind of honesty is expected from the vocalist, who has always been open about the things he speaks about via Silent Planet’s music, but about his own beliefs.

So perhaps unsurprisingly, their newest single, ‘Trilogy,’ is a song about anxieties and mental health; about not being a machine in this noisy modern world, but being human and flawed; about personal disconnects; about being lost within the “static” in someone’s of mind, as loved ones see you recede inward. It’s a beautifully personal, heavy new song from a band that often creates art of this caliber.

The electronic waves that act as a dark, repeating under-current to ‘Trilogy‘ are a great touch, in keeping with the song’s theme of humanity, whilst Silent Planet instrumentally hit the hardest they ever have. What with techier riffs, filthy distorted chugs, and punchy-ass breakdowns (like the one at 2:45) smacking you right upside the head.

Of course, these guys just don’t do heavy exceptionally well, they also know how to craft great melodies and atmosphere, and ‘Trilogy‘ brings those aspects in droves. Bassist/singer Thomas Freckleton delivers one of his best cleanly sung refrains in all of Silent Planet’s history together, belting out “Now I know it’s delusion. In love with the slow demise,” and the backing ambiance is as subtle and as engrossing as anything off ‘Everything Was Sound.’

Whether this is just a one-off single for now, or apart of something much larger, Silent Planet once again proves why they’re a cut above the rest of modern metalcore. Listen:

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