Falcifer join Greyscale Records, release new single ‘Pain’ from upcoming EP

New song, new EP, new label; it’s all coming up Falcifer. 

Ever since finding their 2016 ‘Theta‘ EP, Adelaide’s Falcifer have been one of those local heavy bands we’re I’ve been really itching to see what kind of new material would manifest in all due time. And damn, have the band made us all wait to see what’s coming next! But today I get to finally scratch that itch hard with the indomitable title song from the hardcore quartet’s next EP, ‘Pain.’

Chomping at the bit with a groovier but no less violent and confronting sound, Falcifer’s debut release under Greyscale Records still hits you like a metallic freight-train. Whether it’s the two-step parts, the tighter production polish, or the razor-sharp, syncopated breakdown that the song closes out on, ‘Pain‘ isn’t too shabby. Definitely a familiar-sounding yet nonetheless brutal heavy-hitter for people who love their label-mates in Alpha Wolf and Justice For The Damned, as well as other similar acts such as Sworn In, Kublai Khan, Barrier, and the like.

Falcifer vocalist, Stephanie Marlow, via a recent Greyscale presser, gave insight into the meaning behind ‘Pain,’ and how pain itself can be a real turning point for self-improvement when embraced in the right way, saying that:

“The term is about coming to realise that sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Self doubt, regret, and bitterness come from pain; but pain is only temporary. By becoming self aware, pain can turn into growth, a development of self worth, and forgiveness.”

Faclifer‘s ‘Pain‘ EP will punch you in the face on March 6th.

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