Enter Shikari merge the old & new on ‘The Dreamer’s Hotel’

If love is blind, hatred is deaf and well fed.

Taking the wobbly dubstep synths, blaring electro-noises and jungle beats from the band’s older records a la ‘Common Dreads‘ (2009) and ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour‘ (2012), armed with the radio-ready rock choruses and chorus-dipped riffs from ‘The Spark‘ (2017), as well as some nice punk rock undertones, Enter Shikari’s newest jam reminded me of precisely why I adore this band.

Layer on some sweet vocal effects and Rou Reynolds‘ characterful and charismatic vocal deliveries, bolstered by lyrical themes about the importance of context in modern debates, mob mentalities, misplaced-optimism, and the modern triumphs and ills that come with outrage and anger, ‘The Dreamer’s Hotel‘ makes me feel like ‘Stop The Clocks‘ was a poor one-off for track for the U.K. act. While some may have wished for a heavier breakdown section here, that’s not something Enter Shikari leaning on anymore; the guitar-chugging, synth-bleeping groove passage during the song’s bridge is more than solid enough to scratch the itch of any old Shikari fan.

Their new album, ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible,’ drops April 17th. In the meantime, check into Hotel Shikari below:

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