Michael Barr re-joins Volumes, returns on new single ‘Holywater’

A new song & a big line-up change for Volumes this week. 

Volumes are down two men, with guitarist/primary song-writer Diego Farias and his brother, screamer Gus Farias, leaving the band in what is a big personnel shake-up for the L.A. metalcore band. However, that shocking news for many fans came with another big, though more pleasant surprise: that former-vocalist, Michael Barr, who left the band in 2015, is now back in Volumes as their co-vocalist alongside fellow frontman, Myke Terry, who joined in 2016 and who first appeared on 2017’s ‘Different Animals.’

Not stopping there, Volumes had something to show for their line-up re-shuffling, completed by bassist Raad Soudani and drummer Nick Ursich, releasing a dirty and filthy new tune, ‘Holywater.’ In all honesty, I’m more excited about Michael Barr being back in the band then I am about this newest single, overall. However, ‘Holywater‘ isn’t half bad, seeing a less-melodic, far heavier and aggro sounding Volumes making their presence well and truly known, feeling more like a long lost ‘Via‘ B-side in the process.

Bring on Volumes LP number four in 2020 with Barr back in the saddle. Expect more news from the band in due time. Dunk your head into ‘Holywater‘ below:

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