Four Year Strong hit back with two songs: ‘Brain Pain’ & ‘Talking Myself In Circles’

Five years since we last heard from them, Four Year Strong are back with two new tracks: ‘Brain Pain’ & ‘Talking Myself In Circles.’

Their first effort since 2015’s fun-as-hell self-titled LP, ‘Brain Pain‘ sees Four Year Strong taking things slow, doing it their way, on their terms, and working with Will Putney to (hopefully) make a FYS record that’s worth the wait. This new album’s first two cuts, ‘Brain Pain‘ and ‘Talking Myself In Circles,’ are a good example of a band not trying to necessarily re-do their heyday years after the fact, rather feeling like a solid modern update on that older iteration; it just feels and sounds honest.

The titular ‘Brain Pain‘ is like some weird amalgamation of djent, prog-metal, hardcore, and pop-punk; with searing, off-kilter low-tuned riffs, dissonant tapping lines, big poppy melodies, all mixed in with pulverizing hardcore drum patterns and double-time punk parts, and the that classic Four Year Strong dual-vocal work between vocalists and guitarists, Dan O’Connor and Alan Day. There’s a lot going on in this one, but it all feels required rather than superfluous, and that’s not even counting the modulated guitar leads and backing harmonies that smack you upside down in the bridge.

However, ‘Talking Myself In Circles‘ is definitely a more straight-forward FYS tune, with a gritty punk rock bass line driving the song onward, set with more familiar melodies. It’s less of a shock to the system and much more typical of their tried-and-tested pop-punk style complete with big-ass rock moments and busy guitar work all dishing out heavy blows. It’s not quite as strong or as arresting an experience as ‘Brain Pain‘ but is fine enough nonetheless.

It’s just lovely to hear new music from this Massachusetts act again, as I have such a love and connection to ‘Rise Or Die Trying‘ and (my personal favourite) ‘Enemy Of The World,’ and I wish them all the best. Bring on February 28th when ‘Brain Pain‘ drops via Pure Noise/Sony Music Australia.


01. It’s Cool
02. Get Out Of My Head
03. Crazy Pills
04. Talking Myself In Circles
05. Learn To Love The Lie
06. Brain Pain
07. Mouth Full Of Dirt
08. Seventeen
09. Be Good When I’m Gone
10. The Worst Part About Me
11. Usefully Useless
12. Young at Heart

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