Trophy Eyes bring in saxophones for huge new pop-rock jam, ‘Figure Eight’

A red hot new tune from Trophy Eyes, complete with saxophones. 

Originally premiered to a Unify audience that was waiting for Polaris to set up this past weekend on the Saturday night, Trophy Eyes‘ ‘Figure Eight‘ has officially dropped. And it’s a certified banger! ‘Figure Eight‘ is a great continuation of what the band was doing with 2018’s sunny, cheery-faced pop-rock opera, ‘American Dream.’ So much so that it kinda sounds like a bigger, sped-up B-side from that previous LP, only now taking that synth-loaded, trendy pop sound another big step further for the exploding Sydney band.

With driving bass lines, subtle acoustic guitars, bright guitar melodies, heaps more layers, big sing-alongs, arena-sized hooks, some well-done synths that play off the vocal melodies from John Floreani (who has really come into his own as a singer), and a sweet and sexy saxophone solo during the bridge, ‘Figure Eight‘ is one massive feel-good jam. It’s good vibes all-around, yet it still comes with strong hooks and plenty of heart that it never feels forced. If you’re still sulking that they aren’t writing records in the same style as their older melodic hardcore/pop-punk releases, than that’s all on you, friendo. Have fun listening to 2013 forever while we all move on.

Addressing the meaning about picking up the pieces and moving on after love fades that sits underneath this endearing song, John shared in a UNFD presser today that:

“Figure Eight is about time lost. It is the sound of a broken heart, the deafening silence of a couple once in love, and a fleeting dream told from two perspectives – one is of failure and the other of resentment. The song is about a man who had given himself entirely, still desperately grasping at straws of success and a woman left to pick up the pieces of the reality.”

I’ve been listening to these guys since ‘Everything Goes Away‘, but ‘Figure Eight‘ is probably my favourite Trophy Eyes song. For real, what a track! This sounds like the band choosing between going big or going home… and their night out isn’t ending anytime soon. Only jabroni’s actually care if something is “pop” or not, but if it’s good, then spin that shit. Go listen to ‘Figure Eight‘ below:

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