Loathe get their shoegaze on with ‘Two-Way Mirror’

Loathe with their biggest Deftones worship yet.

Saying that Loathe like Deftones is like saying that Ricky Gervais tries way too hard to be edgy: you can see that shit clear as day from the moon. And yet, Loathe’s newest tune, the gorgeous ‘Two-Way Mirror,’ might just be the band’s most Deftonesiest song yet! You won’t even be done with your first listen of ‘Two-Way Mirror‘ before you see what I mean.

This beautifully heavy song feels and sounds like staring down an enfilade of mirrors, and I kinda love it. With lovely synth pads, samples, big surging waves of bass, and some pretty lush layers of thick distorted guitars and modulated vocals all making for a rich, ethereal shoegaze sound, with a heavy emphasis on dreamy tones and soft clean singing, Loathe show-off a whole new side to themselves. It’s a far cry from their darkest or heaviest, and there’s zero screaming from Kareem France nor any breakdowns or nu-metalish grooves to be had here, but that’s what makes it good. As it’s a stunning dynamic contrast to where we’ve seen them lately with recent singles like ‘Aggressive Evolution.’

Don’t think you can fully pigeonhole Loathe just yet; there’s more to these guys than meets the eye.

Loathe’s new album ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything‘ drops February 7th. Go and enjoy ‘Two-Way Mirror‘ below (and expect a music video for it too arrive shortly):

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