Polaris get their Southern hardcore flavour on with ‘Hypermania’

‘Hypermania’ is the second single from upcoming LP, ‘The Death Of Me.’

One of my favourite things about the hardcore and metalcore scene is that as soon as a band releases a song that’s not as heavy, as fast, as riffy, or what have you as past material, there’s always some people in comment sections – whether on Facebook, YouTube, or Reddit – beginning to be-moan the supposed “death” of a band just because of one new song. Something to that sort happened to Polaris after dropping ‘Masochist‘ last year in November – with it being a melodic cousin to their other song, ‘Dusk To Day‘ – yet anyone still saying that kind of foolish stuff about this Australian metalcore band will have their mouth shut by their newest single, ‘Hypermania.’

Polaris‘ drummer/lyricist, Daniel Furnari, explained where the group was coming from with ‘Hypermania,’ discussing an every-day feeling of disconnection and defeat and needing something to help take off the edge, sharing via a recent press release, that:

“Hypermania is a song about losing your grip on reality, questioning your sanity, and feeling like you’re on the verge of an explosion all the time. Paranoia, mood swings, white-knuckling your way through the day just barely holding it together. The whole lyrical direction was inspired very directly by the music itself.”

Originally debuted live during their national support run under Architects back in 2019, ‘Hypermania‘ is a shorter, heavier cut than that of ‘Masochist,’ seeing the Sydney band ditching the cleaner melodic vocals that often dot their songs, having bassist/co-vocalist Jake Steinhauser lend some backing screams to the track alongside frontman Jamie Hails. It’s got some bigger groove parts that remind me of fellow Aussies, Make Them Suffer, as well as a strong undercurrent of Southern hardcore/metalcore to the riffs and vocals that give me hefty Every Time I Die vibes. (And seriously, who doesn’t like ETID?) Personally though, ‘Hypermania‘ is more like “hyper-meh” and doesn’t do anything for me whatsoever; it’s just a real turn off. Your mileage will probably vary, however.

The Death Of Me‘ is out February 21st via Resist Records and SharpTone. Check out the music video for ‘Hypermania,’ which has more locations than it does riffs, below:

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