Reflections return with first song in four years, ‘From Nothing’

Reflections are back. 

Earlier this decade, when every djenty, prog-metal band that had odd-rhythm riffs, sick-sounding pick scrapes, a few decent breakdowns, and who tuned as low as possible, many were heralded as the next best thing in metal. Volumes, Veil Of Maya, Structures, Monuments, you get the idea: a plethora of solid if generic bands with techy guitar work and plural single-word monikers. One such band at the time was Minnesota’s Reflections, who even with a growing cult following, suddenly ended in 2016, going on a hiatus. But nowadays, a comeback isn’t a matter of if, it’s simply a matter of when. And that time for Reflections is now, with the release of their first new song in four years after 2015’s ‘The Color Clear‘, the brutal-sounding ‘From Nothing.’

If you enjoy super loud production, obnoxious breakdowns, insanely low-tuned guitars that sweep, chug, and riff away non-stop, a vocalist that sounds like Frankie Palmeri (especially with the angsty-talking-that transitions-into-screaming technique), and just ignorantly heavy prog-metalcore, then this new single is bound to set your listening world on fire. Personally, without having any connection or love for what they did previously, ‘From Nothing,’ like a lot of their work in my eyes, sounds like an off-shoot of what artists like Emmure and Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza do better. It’s definitely a song that feels like it belongs back in the semi-deathcore metalcore world of a few years ago, and barring their usual cleaner tones and melodic passages, this is a tougher-sounding but quite safe return for Reflections. But if you’re happy, then I’m happy for ya.

Reflections in 2019 is frontman Jake Wolf, guitarist Patrick Somoulay, new guitarist Logan Young, returning bassist Francis Xayana, and drummer Nick Lona.

New album ‘‘ (English for ‘king’ or ‘monarch’) will be self-released on February 20th, 2020.

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