TEETH get sludgy & heavy on second single, ‘Filth’

Bite down into TEETH’s second song, ‘Filth.’

TEETH debuted last month with ‘Destroyer‘ and once again came out of the gate hard with their second single, the sludgy and violent noises of ‘Filth.’ Not to be confused with the Californian doomy death metal band Teeth or that god-awful Australian metalcore band Teeth, ‘Filth‘ is just that: a filthy, hot and heavy hardcore track that reminds me a lot of other, newer bands like END. And it ain’t half bad, either.

Yet the comparison to one such fellow heavy super-group goes another step further with TEETH. As their line-up is comprised of vocalist Blake Prince (ex-Straight Reads the Line, Anniversary), guitarist Chris LeMasters (Hundred Suns, ex-Dead and Divine), and drummer Ryan “Legs” Leger (Hundred Suns, Norma Jean, ex-Every Time I Die). Which maybe explains why they’re coming out so strongly right off the bat as a band: their members already know the score and have that experienced pedigree behind them to know where to start off in a new project, hitting hard as quick as they can.

Check it out below:

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