Sylosis return with ‘I Sever,’ their first song in four years

It’s good to have you back, lads!

Ever since guitarist/vocalist Josh Middleton joined up with his mates in Architects following the passing of Tom Searle in 2016, Sylosis has basically (and understandably) been placed on hold. Yet that silence broke recently with the band’s newest single, ‘I Sever.’ And it’s classic Sylosis in terms of thoughtful melody, chunky riffage, intensity and taking the best parts of various other metal sub-genres and channeling them all into one. Not that I’m at all complaining, though! As there’s some really solid stuff going on with Sylosis’s first new song in four years.

First off, there’s the folky, acoustic melody that nicely ties things together with it being used in the outro, keeping the structure coherent. Then there’s drummer Ali Richardson’s near-constant double-time feel raging throughout, that punchy groove section that hits you hard at 1:28, and Josh and Alex Bailey’s strong guitar mix of technical and melo-death elements in the vein of Gojira but then coupled with some great melodic and harmonic content; like the really tasteful lead work or even Josh’s pitched sing-scream technique that he does so goddamn well. And there’s also how the songs straight-up metal riffs that sound super heavy despite being in standard tuning are mixed with more aggressive “core” parts, along with a smooth-as-butter guitar solo at 2:41 that soon begets a downright wicked, harmonized shredding section. Oh, and Conor Marshall from the almighty Conjurer now takes the crunchy bass lead role as well, replacing former bassist Carl Parnell.

Basically, ‘I Sever‘ is some good stuff, and along with their now over-excited fans, Sylosis themselves are also bloody keen too. As with the band’s sudden return, Josh commented on their comeback, writing about their next record, ‘Cycle of Suffering‘:

“After 3 long years, Sylosis are back! I want to thank all of our fans for their patience and support over these last few years. ‘Cycle of Suffering’ is dedicated to them. With this new chapter, we close another; I’d like to thank Carl Parnell for his time in Sylosis. Many great memories made with him and I wish him the best in his career. Now we welcome Conor Marshall to Sylosis! Another man in another band (Conjurer) – Conor is an amazing player and compliments what we do really well. A warm welcome planned for 13th February where we play our first show in over 4 years! We’re excited and focussed – see you in 2020!”

Cycle Of Suffering,’ which Josh also self-produced, arrives on February 7th, 2020. Cut the chord below:

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