Premiere: Lune deal with family matters on second single, ‘Manipulator’

‘Manipulator’ is a grim, hard-hitting metalcore track on how it’s those that share our blood that can hurt us the most.

Blood is thicker than water, yet it also makes for the most mess too. On Lune’s second single as a band since debuting with ‘Ghost‘ earlier this month, ‘Manipulator‘ is about those that share our DNA and name yet are anything but real family. It’s a dark, djenty and violent metalcore song whose lyrics detail how “every word, every action is ammunition” for those closest to us who try to bend the truth; how “nowhere will feel like home” because of them; how their actions affect everyone around them and only place fear in the hands of their family. ‘Manipulator‘ has but one clear message: “you will never be my family.

Personally, I love that a lot of bands in Australian heavy music right now – big and small, from Northlane, Gravemind, Beautiful Monument and now Lune – aren’t afraid to be so honest about really tough subjects revolving around abuse and family. These are absolutely conversations worth having, and are important conversations worth starting too. (If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or know someone who is, please know you’re not alone. You can learn more and find support via Reach Out and White Ribbon.)

Their first release, ‘Ghost,’ was a decent debut song that showed that this new Melbourne band had an inkling for big choruses and more melody than your average local heavy group. Yet ‘Manipulator‘ goes straight for the goddamn jugular; Lune aren’t here to fuck spiders. They’ve shown their levity and light before, now this song deals in the darkness and the “heavies.” These first two songs are a solid indication of what Lune can do, and of where you can expect their following releases to launch off from too. And it’s clear from the below music video and this polished, aggressive as all get-out new song that Lune as an entity has been sitting in the pipeline for quite some time now, waiting for just the right time to finally reveal themselves.

As for their line-up, alongside vocalist Nathaniel Smith and bassist Tyler Hendley, the band is rounded out by guitarists Krys Smith and David Freeland (both from I, Valiance), and drummer Harrison Mills (ex-Blind Oracle time-keeper.) Speaking of I, Valiance, the songwriting from Krys shares some similarities, from not only the low-tunings and the razor-sharp chugs, but those weird and modulated riffs that I, Val used so well in their releases showing up here amongst the brood, though more subtly.

With an EP coming next year, Krys told us about how quickly this track came together with producer Jamie Marinos, saying:

“’Manipulator’ came together the fastest out of all the tracks on the EP. Usually, I’d sit with a track for quite a while before I’m happy to take it to Jamie and record it. This time around it only took a few hours. We’d just finished another track and had some spare time, so we managed to get ‘Manipulator’ finished in about an hour or so. Myself and Jamie have been mates for ages, so working together is really chill, and super productive.”

With ‘Manipulator‘ and ‘Ghost‘ before it, 2019 is just the beginning for Lune. They aren’t rushing into things, but you can bet your sweet bippy that 2020 will see Lune expand further so. Check out the latest Lune tune below:

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