Spectral Fires give us their top 3 moments as a band before final farewell show

Melbourne’s Spectral Fires are calling it a day before 2019 comes to a close. With numerous headliners, various Aussie runs, a couple of singles, and three EPs under their collective belts – last year’s ‘Turn Toward The Sun‘ being a solid stand-out for the local alternate-punk group – their now choosing to wrap things up on their own terms with a final Melbourne set. The band will be hanging it up on December 7th at The Catfish – one year exactly to the release of their last EP, seeing it all come full circle. Before then, they’ve kindly given us their top three “holy shit” moments that have meant the most to them over the last six years; from scoring their first major support slot, to getting to work with their musical heroes, and even opening up for the one and only Thrice. 

First major support slot with Dream On, Dreamer:

“Our earliest “holy shit” moment as a band was when we landed our first big support slot back in 2014 supporting Dream On, Dreamer. The guys picked us to join them for both the over and underage shows on the Melbourne leg of their ‘…And the Light Pulled Me Back’ tour along with Belle Haven and Glorified (RIP). A few of us were huge fans of the band since high school so getting to hang out with them for the day and play on the same stage was very exciting. It was definitely one of the first times we felt like a “real band”. To cap things off, the next weekend we headed up to Sydney for the first time in support of our debut EP ‘Old Haunts’. A solid week!”

Recording with Jay Maas (twice):

“One of the things we’re most proud of as a band was having the opportunity to record with Jay Maas (ex-Defeater) for our two latest releases, ‘Wayfarer’ and ‘Turn Toward the Sun’. Needless to say, Defeater was a huge influence on us and were a big reason we even started the band in the first place, so you can imagine our excitement when he agreed to work with us! In the early days, we literally used to joke about flying Jay out to record with us and laugh at how ridiculous that would be.”

“Fast forward three years and we’re all sitting in a studio together, bouncing song ideas around with the guy who’s recorded some of our all-time favourite albums. Other than making our songs a thousand times better, the best part was just how chill and easy Jay was to work with. It was sometimes easy to forget how much we used to idolize him (until he’d recall some story about when he was recording with Title Fight or on tour with Touche Amore).”

Supporting Thrice at a sold-out Billboards [170 Russell]:

“Our biggest collective “holy shit” moment came not too long ago when we were confirmed as the only support act on Thrice’s sold-out show at Billboards. Everything was bigger than any show we’d played before – the stage, the crowd, the lights, the sound, the green room. Even loading in felt like a big deal as we carted our little amps in past Thrice’s tour trailer and set up in front of their world-class gear.”

“We’ve all seen so many incredible bands at Billboards over the years so it was a huge honour to be able to play that stage alongside one of the true legendary acts in our scene. Among all the nerves and excitement, we all just looked at each other before we started and nodded this collective “fuck yeah, we did it.

“We didn’t know it at the time but all told, that will end up being one of the last shows we played together as Spectral Fires so will hold a special place in our hearts for more reasons than one.”

Catch Spectral Fires one last time on December 7th at The Catfish in Melbourne – tickets.

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