Issues get their pop on with new song, ‘Flexin’

‘Flexin,’ crashing into Star FM & Nova radio near you! 

Come on, we all knew that The Pop Song™️ for Issues next song record was coming, just not in which form or when. But now we’ve got that with the weird and divisive new single, ‘Flexin.’ This short new pop song is the band’s full-on transformation into Justin Timberlake and Prince territory, but with some leftovers remaining from their metalcore side (those heavier guitars, the subtle bass-slapping).

When you strip away the insufferably ironic thrift-shop lyricism of “flexing” too hard, ‘Flexin‘ is actually a pretty cool arrangement. The blending of the low-tuned guitars with the pop synths, droplet FX, bouncy electro-drums, and Tyler Carter’s rapping and occasional MJ-inspired falsetto vocal lines is done well. It’s an interesting experiment for Issues, and one hell of a bold move to put it out as a single too. Fun and catchy but definitely not anything essential as per ‘Drink About It.’

Of course, without hearing the full context of where it falls on the larger record as of yet, it’s not hard to see why it’s so out of place for a lot of people. (Though I do find it amusing that some now-annoyed fans haven’t yet noticed the pop-loving writing on the wall for this band and are taken aback by a song like this.) Either way, ‘Flexin‘ is definitely not a “flex” over anything or anyone else when it boils right down to it. And whilst nicely showing off the weirder colours of Issues‘ sound, it’s still an odd single choice that’ll probably divide more opinion’s on new album ‘Beautiful Oblivion‘ before it’s out next week on October 4th. At least it accomplished its job: generate buzz and conversation as it leads into the new album.

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    • Alex Sievers Alex Sievers

      Outside of that in-poor-taste Het joke, this will probably just be a one-off for the new record. Issues love their pop music so this isn’t surprising. Could’ve been worse.

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