Premiere: Strawberry Girls get saucy with new single, ‘Moonwalker’

Strawberry Girls continue to be one of the tightest, finest, & most colorful instrumental acts of late with ‘Moonwalker.’

Whilst the line-up of Zachary Garren (guitarist), Benjamin Rosett (drummer), and Ian Jennings (bassist/keyboardist) interchange instrumental roles and are multi-faceted musicians, their synchronicity and great tone together is what makes Strawberry Girls‘ output so punchy, snappy, and melodically catchy. Following in the tasty foot-steps of their previous single, ‘Mini Ripper,’ their latest tune nails all three of those aspects and is a new feel-good instrumental banger.

On ‘Moonwalker‘, with a lively recording dynamic, some solid use of tasteful delay, funk and prog-rock flourishes, air-tight drum grooves, and expressive guitar work, we get yet another instant Strawberry Girls classic. It’s like a Hail The Sun or Royal Coda song, just without the vocals, but that’s by no means a bad thing. For ‘Moonwalker‘ is big, bold, confident, and without a single word uttered, Strawberry Girls, as always, do a great job of musically speaking directly to you. Few other instrumental artists achieve that same effect as gracefully – Animals As Leaders, Collapse Under The Empire, Polyphia and Boucle Infinie being the only ones coming to my mind – but Strawberry Girls do it so professionally and easily here, that you’d be forgiven for wanting to know what the catch was. But the only “catch” here is how damn hooky those guitars are!

The trio’s new album, ‘Tasmanian Glow,’ is out October 14th via Tragic Hero Records. Check out our premiere of ‘Moonwalker‘ below:

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