Loathe drop two deadly new singles, ‘Gored’ & ‘New Faces in the Dark’

Watch Loathe take over in 2019.
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Real talk: Loathe are one of the best, most exciting bands emerging in hardcore and metalcore of late. The Liverpool quartet’s brooding music is bathed in dark moods and ominous tones, and is a sound that’s also shrouded in endless rage, desperation, loneliness, and venom. Their world is a cold and alien place, an obscure and distorted musical reality, but their sonic vision takes the best of what makes modern metalcore, hardcore, and djent all so compelling. Furthering that idea, their newest dual-single release, ‘Gored‘ and ‘New Faces in the Dark,’ are two brilliant reflections of their entire sound.

Firstly, ‘Gored‘ is a grim, noisy, unstable and harrowing metalcore track. It’s brought to life by a suffocating atmosphere, stop-start rhythms, twisting sections, stomping riffs, crunchy production, a slow and tectonic final breakdown, as well as Kareem France’s monstrous, pitch-changing screams. It’s the bleaker, twisted, and heavier side of the band that many know and love all rolled into a crushing, discordant whole; with lyrics about being caught in the snapping jaws of death. It sure as shit doesn’t take any prisoners and the U.K. band leans right into that heavier sound too, all for the better though.

Yet fellow tune, the harrowing tale of domestic violence and abuse behind ‘New Faces in the Dark,’ shows off more dynamic, kicking off with a chorus-y, de-tuned guitar lead before being dominated by bending riffs, filtered vocals, and a bouncy, nu-metalish, hyper-percussive flow that sounds like a nightmarish Deftones. In fact, this second track is wonderfully marked by subtle melodic atmospherics and these floating, cleanly-sung vocal sections that echo a familiar vibe to their rip-roaring 2017 single, ‘White Hot.’ And that’s not including the song’s scarring, mental-breakdown equivalent of a hellish outro: dissonant, circular guitar riffs, fiendish vocals, slight industrial elements, and all.

Both of these scorching songs are a great refresher on why Loathe garnered strong attention and praise to begin with off the back of their ‘Prepare Consume Proceed‘ EP (2016) and ‘The Cold Sun‘ LP (2017). No doubt, they also show exactly why they’re most likely going to take over in 2019. Do yourself a favour and check out these new beasts – I love ’em, and I hope you do too. Expect a new record this year.

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