Royal Coda destruct the self on ‘Numbing Agent’

Royal Coda’s ‘Numbing Agent’ is a great first taste of new LP, ‘Compassion.’

Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar, Stolas, Hail The Sun, and Royal Coda all form an interesting, incestuous musical scene of expressive, colourful and technical post-hardcore. Sharing not just similar sounds and song-writing ideas, but also a range of shared members from across said bands too; making this current small but talented American music scene exploding with great material. Whether it’s DGD’s recent output over the last few years, Stolas and HTS members joining up for Nova Charisma more recently, or the very topic of this article, Royal Coda, there’s some great work coming out right now. But let’s keep it to the latter band, yeah?

Following up their 2018 self-titled album is a new record, ‘Compassion,’ arriving later this year via Blue Swan Records. And it’s first cut, the powerful ‘Numbing Agent‘ is a wicked taste-tester of what’s to come later. Steffen Gotsch’s noodling bass lines are lush; Sergio Medina’s pick-skipping riffs and legato and Will Swan’s bright tone and jazzy lines merge beautifully and tastefully; that relaxing, soulful bridge part halfway through is blissful; Joseph Arrington locks the whole track down on the drums like the skilled drummer that he is; and Kurt Travis’s impeccable singing performance, coupled with some yearning and quite dark lyrics, all come together to form a wonderful whole. It’s a sure ring-in for one of the finest tracks Royal Coda have ever pieced together thus far. Colour me very keen for ‘Compassion‘!

This song/video also confirms the ever-growing theory that Will Swan is just in every single band now. Take a look:

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