Japan’s Paledusk show what they’ve got with ‘9 Smiles’ single

Earlier this year, Japanese prog-metalcore outfit Paledusk put out their ‘Varied‘ three-track EP. That name was fitting, as the three songs found within said EP showed off the varying stylistic shades and inspirations of this group; that they love electronica and pop and rock as much as they do their down-tuned metalcore and hectic, djenty tones. It was a cool little release that also showed off their potential as a budding new heavy artist, and now they’re following through with that on newest single ‘9 Smiles.’

9 Smiles‘ is a well-produced, sharply-dressed, high-flying prog-metal track from Paledusk, very much in keeping with what they’ve already shown listeners but by no means a weaker product. With glitchy edits, and electronics underneath the bending riffs and hardcore energy, the song has a huge bounce to its rapid-fire pacing. While not some perfect banger or anything of the sort, this is a pretty neat, colorful and expensive-loving tune all up, with some super snappy production too.

Comparisons to Crystal Lake and Crossfaith will be quite common, but I think this band could really carve out their own path away from the biggest heavy music entities of their home country given more time and more growth. Keep your eyes pinned on Paledusk moving forward and check out this new singles’ sibling track, ‘ Pale Horse,’ right over here.

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