Senses Fail re-do ‘Bastard Son’ B-side for their new re-recorded debut EP

Senses Fail take a trip back in time with this redux of ‘Bastard Son.’

Originally released back in 2004 as a B-side to the single release for ‘Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning,’ Senses Fail have gone back to their earlier days to re-record and re-release their old B-side, ‘Bastard Son.’ Taken off their upcoming eight-track redux version of their debut EP, ‘From The Depths Of Dreams,’ this older, often forgotten Senses Fail jam has have never sounded better. With modern mixing techniques, actually good recordings, and Buddy having really learned about and since grown into his already-good voice, this is a loving and solid update to a Senses Fail throwback.

On top of that, Buddy changing the original lyric of “the bitch of everyone” now to “the joke of everyone” actually fits the song’s overall theme better. Something that I’ve also touched on before. Besides, unless you’re really looking out for it, you barely even notice the wording change on a first listen. Buddy also said this about the new EP re-release, sharing:

“Seventeen years ago we recorded the songs that make up From The Depths of Dreams. It was the spark that started a journey that is still unfolding. We never thought that we’d go anyway, we just wanted to make it out of the basement. We were just a couple of teenagers from NJ trying to write songs to make us feel alive and play in the local scene. Our aspirations were minimal at best but our results were extraordinary. This re-recording is not to replace what was but to add to the legacy of the songs and show them in a modern light. We haven’t played a lot of these songs for our fans and this release gives us the opportunity to highlight an era of Senses Fail that many of our fans didn’t get a chance to see.”

Personally, I’m all for bands lately dropping re-recordings and/or re-masters of their older works, giving early fan-faves some new life, not just sonically speaking, but also in terms of potential live set appearances too. Whether it’s Dance Gavin Dance, Silverstein, or right here with Senses Fail, and I really do hope to see this trend catch on more moving forward.

Relive this fresh take on ‘Bastard Son‘ below and compare it to the now-quite dated 2004 original. The bands “reimagining” of the ‘From the Depths of Dreams‘ EP will drop on September 6th, 2019.

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