Poppy signs with Sumerian Records, release new ‘Concrete’ single

Poppy sure is… something. 

From making weird YouTube art videos and creating a purposely cultish aesthetic, Poppy – real name, Moriah Rose Pereira, age 24 – is more of an entertainer than anything else. Poppy is at times the antitheisis of what you’d expect from your usual pop artist, and that’s all that the gender-neutral artist has ever been. The internet loves out-there ideas and its strange characters, and Poppy embodies both of those qualities, so this was an easy win for marketing and attention. It’s all about the spectacle. Except there’s also an added musical bonus here. More recently, the actual music output from Poppy and their team has gone towards a darker, heavier direction, even collaborating with The Fever 333 not too long ago.

So with new single, ‘Concrete‘, their Sumerian Records debut release, we get a mixture of happy bubblegum pop with more extreme, prog-metal; all with this cutesy lyrical facade that begets bloodier thoughts of numbness, hopelessness, “demons in my dreams” and violent thoughts. Obviously, sonic and musical comparisons towards that of Babymetal and that particular Japanese acts contrast-heavy Idol-metal style are obvious and common, yet they’re also quite accurate too. In fact, ‘Concrete‘ is like if you completely strip-mined out all of the fun, charm, hook and replay value of Babymetal and were left with something odd and bleak for the sheer sake of it. In a word: contrived.

Fan, hater or just morbidly curious, listen to Poppy’s latest below. Catch Poppy performing at Good Things Festival 2019.

2 Responses to “Poppy signs with Sumerian Records, release new ‘Concrete’ single”

  1. Firey259

    I dont understand why this is getting so much attention…

    So it’s on Sumerian….big deal….its so bad it doesn’t deserve the light of day.

    Is it because shes hot or something?

    • Alex Sievers

      Sumerian is apart of it, maybe. But it’s more so because Poppy and their music is strange and the internet loves to talk about strange outlier things, whether they actually enjoy the content or not. Case in point: my article here haha.

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