Counterparts just do Counterparts on new song, ‘Wings Of Nightmares’

‘Wings Of Nightmares’ sure is a Counterparts song.

There’s nothing else to say about the post-breakup depression-themed ‘Wings Of Nightmares‘ other than it’s just a Counterparts song, musically and sonically. Truly, that’s it: it’s exactly what we’d all expect. If you like Counterparts, and you just want the same-old from the Canadian melodic hardcore/metalcore band, then their newest single is precisely for you.

Everything here on ‘Wings Of Nightmares‘ – from the tempo, tones, the aggressive riff patterns, Brendan Murphy’s vocal phrasing, the breakdown execution near the end, and those smaller guitar runs and melodic hooks – is just more of the usual, unchanging Counterparts. Even the personal emotion behind this latest track feels the same too. Is it all consistent? Absolutely! But it’s also quite safe too, and even as a fan of this Ontario band, it doesn’t make me personally that excited for newer material.

Speaking about their new record, Brendan offered this surprisingly blunt and honest quote about this first single, saying:

“I wouldn’t hold your breath for anything ground breaking, but as we grow and progress we just get better at writing Counterparts songs, and that’s all we’ve wanted to do. If you fuck with the band you’ll probably love it.”

Counterparts‘ sixth album, ‘Nothing Left To Love,’ is out November 1st, 2019 via Pure Noise Records And look, I think I just want that new END record sooner rather than later, okay?

‘Nothing Left To Love’ track-list:

01 “Love Me”
02 “Wings of Nightmares”
03 “Paradise And Plague”
04 “The Hands That Used To Hold Me”
05 “Separate Wounds”
06 “Your Own Knife”
07 “Cherished”
08 “Imprints”
09 “Ocean Of Another”
10 “Nothing Left To Love”

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