Stray From The Path kickback with Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy on new song

Stray From The Path team up with Counterparts’ frontman for newest ‘Internal Atomics’ single: ‘Kickback.’

If drummer Craig Reynolds was the MVP of Stray From The Path’s previous single, ‘Fortune Teller,’ then it’s bassist Anthony Altamura here who really takes out that title on the band’s latest track, ‘Kickback.’ His grumbling, devasting bass tone is downright huge, especially during the choruses. His gritty four-string rumbles churn the guts of this new song, right underneath Tom Williams‘ spiking guitar parts, Drew York’s bitter yells calling someone out for their past actions and toxic BS (decrying “you’re the driver, I’m the car crash“), and Craig’s air-tight work behind the kit.

Whilst a cool tune, ‘Kickback‘ is also a very on-brand song for Stray From The Path in terms of structure, pay-off, deadly riffs, breakdown patterns, and so forth. Even with it getting capped off by a roaring vocal feature from their pal, Brendan Murphy of Counterparts, right before that mocking “bullshit” breakdown fires away to wraps things up. It’s more or less just another Stray track, but a decent one at that. One that at least leads well into the band’s next record. Speaking of, Stray’s next record, ‘Internal Atomics,’ drops November 1st.

Kick out the jams with ‘Kickback‘ below:

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