A Day To Remember release new single ‘Degenerates’

Hot off the heels of their mostly decent pop-collab with EDM/future bass DJ, Marshmello, A Day To Remember have today released their first new proper single: the relatively harmless and tame comrade jam, ‘Degenerates.’ If you guessed that ‘Degenerates‘ just sounded like more of the same ol’ ADTR, just a little poppier than their usual pop-punk/metalcore style, than you’ve guessed correctly. As there aren’t any big surprises or meaningful progressions to be had here. Move the needle, this does not.

As just mentioned, ‘Degenerates‘ leans on the poppier, stadium-ready side of ADTR’s sound. So it’s got some electro drum parts and synths, lots of singing, some big choruses, plenty of summery guitar tones, a couple of cleaner riffs and a few chugs, heaps of major-key melodies, all with a rather pathetic gang-vocal chant and lame breakdown combo heard right before the final chorus that does little for the overall song. In fact, the hook of this new single actually reminds me of Trophy Eyes‘ ‘You Can Count On Me,’ except it’s nowhere near as fun, as endearing, or as memorable as that other track.

For now, expect a new ADTR record to be announced or even dropped later this year via Fueled By Ramen. Check out the cheap friendship anthem that is ‘Degenerates‘ below, you filthy animals.

Read my ten-year retrospective piece on ‘Homesick’ over here if you want, but no pressure. 

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  1. Firey259

    Whats the same old ADTR though?

    There’s different ADTRs really…..

    Start from the

    FTWW/Homesick/WSMFY era…..100% gold, better than most things you like.

    CC – Similar to last era but less consistent….still not bad.

    BV – Heavier turn, without alienating fanbase or going too heavy, but defs a different sounds to the gold era.

    This new song is shit, but wouldn’t mind if they took a lighter approach and made a more popper, punkier album…..full of classic, catchy ADTR choruses

    Band is gonna be in the hall of fame, deal with it

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