Endless Heights turn over a new leaf with ‘Cold Hard Kiss’ single

Endless Heights follow up 2018’s ‘Vicious Pleasure’ with a spin on hazy, retro synthwave in ‘Cold Hard Kiss.’ 

It’s no secret that within the Endless Heights camp, there’s always been doubtful questions and inner turmoil about them continuing on as a unit. This actually happened back in late 2017, yet they thankfully carried on and made what is one of, if not their greatest release, the critical darling of ‘Vicious Pleasure.’ Apparently, similar feelings where again had by the Australian act recently. Yet like before, they’ve forged on to create not only something great, but something new for themselves. Enter the hazy and darkened yet sparkling soundscape of ‘Cold Hard Kiss.’ ‘Cause what else can I say? It’s a good song!

Cold Hard Kiss‘ is all about conflicting thoughts and feelings, about love and numbness, but still pushing on to be with that or whom you love most. So already, it’s thematically in-keeping with their second record, and in some ways, ‘Cold Hard Kiss‘ musically follows on from that release too. Whether it’s the simple but blood-pumping urgency of these choruses, the layered and post-rocky guitar lead dropping in after the last chorus, or that dark and spicy little outro section, there’s a lot to love here.

Whilst there’s some familiar elements of the band’s usually heavy alternative-rock sound present, there’s also a whole other mood at play. As it’s Endless Heights but now their music viewed through a slightly poppier, almost-80’s lens. It’s like synthwave but with an Endless Heights spin put on it. (You either die the hardcore band or you live long enough to enjoy the synth.) As we get pulsating, grumbling bass lines that’d make John Carpenter’s low-end stabs blush pink; there’s sparse, chorus-y guitar licks that evoke lush synth arpeggios and sweet melodic lines; there’s a droning, infectious quality to the track’s study rhythm section flow; and there’s also some irresistibly large vocal hooks too.

On that last note, I really gotta give it up for vocalist Joel Martorana. The guy has just come so far as a singer in these last couple years. He’s now in a confident enough position as a frontman to better explore his upper register, dynamically play around more, and move away from the angsty yelling of his younger days but replace those vocals with something just as yearning and compelling.

Now, I love their ‘New Bloom‘ LP as much as the next hardcore guy, but for Endless Heights to stay the very same as that now almost six-year-old album would mean the complete demise and irrelevancy of their band. So a real change of sound and pace such as ‘Cold Hard Kiss‘ is more than welcome. Hell, they pull this newer shift in sound off damn well too, and you can feel the fun and liberation from the band within the track itself. In fact, the transition undergone via this new single reminds me of Emarosa’s latest record, ‘Peach Club‘ (sans saxophone solo), and I certainly hope that this track does great things for the Sydney band moving forward. I sincerely hope it provides the same level of reinvigorating drive that the creation and release of their previous record did for them. Because god knows that this band deserves bigger and better things.



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