Enter Shikari follow up 2017’s ‘The Spark’ with new tune, ‘Stop The Clocks’

Time is a social construct. 

Added to their live set in 2018, Enter Shikari have now thrown eager fans a bone by releasing the studio version of their newest song, ‘Stop The Clocks.’ (The same name given to their last U.K. and Europe tour, for those playing at home.) And it’s a new track that continues right on from the sounds and tones of their previous album, 2017’s ‘The Spark.’

Stop The Clocks‘ starts out with what is a classic Enter Shikari synth part, before becoming a more upbeat, poppy, semi-post-punk track that wouldn’t have been out of place on their last record. Notice the pop-vocal harmonies of “bliss” in the verses, the cutesy analogue synths, and the bigger, guitar-driven rock choruses of the track too. (Even if the guitar melody in the choruses sounds like an exact match to ‘No Sleep Tonight.’) All with a very similar production to their last LP and this new song building itself around a similar theme of open, honest human connection; about mistakes, learning, hope and vulnerability.

However, even so, and to be brutally honest here, this is the least that I have personally cared about an Enter Shikari song in what feels like forever. This new number just leaves me totally indifferent and unmoved. One word that I thought I’d never describe Enter Shikari’s music as is “harmless”, but now here we are.

Enter Shikari have always maintained a steady release of material between records. Whether it’s ‘Destabilise‘ and ‘Quelle Surprise‘ between ‘Common Dreads‘ (2009) and ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour‘ (2012); the glorious ‘Rat Race‘ EP (2013) between the latter record and ‘The Mindsweep‘ (2015); and ‘Redshift‘ and ‘Hoodwinker‘ dropping before ‘The Spark.’ So it remains to be seen whether that’s the case here, or if ‘Stop The Clocks‘ is indeed the kick-off for a brand new album. Ironically enough, time will tell.

I also say it’s a fair bet that we’ll see the band back in Australia soon enough. Maybe for this year’s Good Things?

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