Sink your teeth into the new SeeYouSpaceCowboy track, ‘Armed With Their Teeth’

Fight back with new SeeYouSpaceCowboy cut, ‘Armed With Their Teeth.’

SeeYouSpaceCowboy really are underground hardcore darlings right now, but with good reason. They’re creating a well-written, well-played modern update on the crazed Myspace era of wild hardcore and spasmodic metalcore acts, just in a really genuine way that goes beyond mere nostalgia. Backed by Pure Noise Records and in not slowing down after their label debut, this year’s solid compilation LP ‘Songs for the Firing Squad‘, they’ve dropped another biting track today: ‘Armed With Their Teeth.’ (A pretty tame song name for them, honestly.)

Continuing their discordant, 2009-meets-2019 sound of borrowing heavily from the likes of Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and Iwrestledabearonce, new SeeYouSpaceCowboy is familiar in its breakdowns, riffs and structures, but is by no means poor or lacking. Everything rounding out before the two-minute mark is even reached also wraps a neat little bow around this new single. It’s a track full of aggressive vocals from vocalist Connie, is littered with musical bruised knuckles, and tells of revolt; of blood being spat right back in an abusers face. And it’s as vicious and as sick as you’d expect from the rising metalcore band.

Check it all out below. New album ‘The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds‘ is out September 27th.

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