Fire walk with Stray From The Path on ‘Fortune Teller’

Stray From The Path shooting fire with ‘Fortune Teller.’

Continuing the sounds and vibes of ‘Only Death Is Real‘, the ever-prolific Stray From The Path hit back recently with new fire-breathing tune, ‘Fortune Teller.’ As a friend of mine labelled it, ‘Fortune Teller‘ is very on-brand for Stray; they can’t seem to write most songs without Drew York going “bleugh” at some point. But that’s all okay, as this newie has got molten riffs from Tom Williams, plenty of groove from Anthony Altamura, a sweet off-kilter breakdown, and real energy to keep it entertaining.

Lyrically, this new STFP song is the equivalent of that “silence, boomer” meme. It’s a middle-finger to the status quo and it carries a message hell-bent on building a better future for the following generations that will come after we’re all long gone. Which is in-keeping with many of the political themes the band have expressed over the years. As the “firewalk” theme of the song itself goes, it’s an idea of punishment, of atonement for past sins, of suffering right now for something previously done. Like future peoples suffering for what we do (or don’t do) in the present.

For me, though, the best thing about this new jam is how it really shows off the chops of drummer Craig Reynolds, and what he can do behind the kit. His propulsive syncopation, punchy ride-cymbal hits and great snare work in the verses and pre-breakdown sections are a huge highlight for the track and probably my favourite part of the whole song, alongside the sweet production and mix.

Fire walk with Stray From The Path below. Expect a new album soon!

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