Honest Crooks release new EP, ‘Damage Control’

Honest Crooks, coming in hot and heavy!

What was originally meant to just be the ‘Hellsworth’s Heaviest‘ single for Honest Crooks this year has now turned into a bruising, crushing three-track EP: ‘Damage Control.’ Full of hateful vocals, crowd-killing riffs, spin-kicking breakdowns, and a balanced diet of heavy hardcore and death metal, it’s a solid new EP to follow-up 2017’s ‘Suffer‘. New vocalist Brodie Graham, who was formerly the band’s guitarist, has really stepped up to the vocal plate, with a huge, indomitable low and mid-range scream that just decimates above the violent instrumentals. Produced, mixed and mastered by Elliot Gallart at Chameleon Sound, ‘Damage Control‘ is a thick, hulking release; everything’s loud, all at the punishing front and centre, making the EP demolish everything in it’s path.

While only having three tracks may feel a little lacking to some, this shorter listen results in these three songs – ‘Hellsworth’s Heaviest‘, my personal favourite ‘Soul Prison‘ (which features a solid guest spot from Underminer vocalist, Lachlan Woods), and the call-out track of ‘Cold Dead Hands‘ – from feeling and sounding like their own individual pieces. There’s no BS or filler getting in the way here, folks.

So go hit that hardcore gym workout below:

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