Slipknot release dark new single, ‘Solway Filth’

Okay, Slipknot, now we’re talking!

Much has been said from Slipknot themselves that their new album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind‘, (Out August 9th via Warner Music/Roadrunner) would be at a level of darkness and heaviness akin to their 2001 monster, ‘Iowa‘. Previous singles ‘All Out War‘ and ‘Unsaintedkind-of came close to that claim, but they just didn’t go far enough. Well, that changes now with ‘Solway Filth‘; a new song that’s just given me some real hope for Slipknot’s upcoming sixth record.

Creepy vibes, reverse drum effects, dark atmospherics, ominous keys, grim lyrics of betrayal and sorrow, and heavy riffage abounds here on the bleak ‘Solway Filth.’ Corey Taylor also sounds great here, in both the eerie, earthy-drawl spoken word delivery and in his pained, hoarse screams that drive the track forward. That being said, he’s also no longer the powerhouse live vocalist that he used to be, so that final judgement on his vocals may have to be reserved for when they hit Australia later this year with the allegedly ticket-rorting greedy boys, Metallica.

Check out the music video for ‘Solway Filth‘, featuring footage from the new Amazon Prime original series, The Boys, below:

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