Wither release new single, ‘Use Me’

Note to self: don’t fuck with Wither. 

Wither are getting ready for their next headline show at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club with Diamond Construct on August 23rd, which will see the band launch their hot new single, ‘Use Me.’

On this latest blood-curling rage-fest, vocalist David De La Hoz goes all in vocally, one of his most bitter and heaviest vocal performances yet. I love how he also elongates his lisps during certain phrases, lines like “let me look at your face“, making the track’s vibe even more menacing. With some dissonant intervals, static and glitchy electronics (elements that I’d love to see the band explore further in the future), Wither launch into yet another vile, disgustingly heavy metalcore track, with brief melodic respites that keep the track fresh whilst also showing-off Jamie Marinos‘ deadly guitar and song-writing skills.

Whereas their debut EP, 2018’s ‘Rot and I‘, was a dark concept release about self-destruction, self-criticism and depleted mental health, this is pointed attack towards another. It’s a giant ‘fuck you’ to the snakes that crawl through the grass in our lives; a call-out of those who only interact with you when there’s something they can get out of you. Probably best not to mess with these guys, yeah?

Wither were already a damned heavy band, but I feel ‘Use Me‘ takes that idea a full step further. It makes me think of a less-melodic, more angsty Gravemind, or even something like Dealer, except actually good. And while ‘Use Me‘ does somewhat enter that silly, obnoxious mosh-core territory in terms of lyricism and tone, it leans right into it’s aggression and comes out better than most other similar attempts.

Be sure to check out ‘Use Me‘ below:


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