Norma Jean to release new album, ‘All Hail’, this October

Norma Jean will return for a new record in 2019: ‘All Hail.’

Named by their fans, Norma Jean will release their next record, ‘All Hail‘ on October 25th via Solid State Records. Last time we heard from the band was in the early days in 2019 with B-side, ‘Children Of The Dead‘, apart of 2017 LP, ‘Polar Similar.’ So it’s not like we’ve been starved for new Norma Jean content of late, but I’ll always take new material from these guys. Because already, as per new single ‘[Mind Over Mind]‘, the Will Putney produced record is shaping up to another tectonic release for the fabled American metalcore act.

In barely three-minutes, the band offers a heavy dosage of adrenaline with this new song, showing why age cannot touch them. For ‘[Mind Over Mind]‘ is more like “Norma Djent”. It’s the good ol’ metalcore Norma Jean spliced with thicker djent under-tones, sick bends, guillotine-like riffs, polished production, and Cory Brandan’s volatile vocal performance, ranting about cyclic history, the bleak present, absolute futures, and morality; “A quiet weapon for a peaceful kill.” It’s staggering that there is a band this consistent and this energised this deep into their career. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything that can topple Norma Jean.

All Hail‘ will also be the band’s last record with long-time guitarist, Jeff Hickey, for the foreseeable future. He left earlier this year after recording the album with the band’s blessing to work on himself and his issues with alcohol. (We all wish Jeff all the best in getting better.)

Get keen for ‘All Hail‘ now!

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