Renounced announce new album, ‘Beauty Is A Destructive Angel’

Metalcore revivalists Renounced are leading the genre’s new wave.
[PC: Abbie Shipperley.]  

When was the last time you heard something from a Holy Roar Records-signed band and thought: “Yep, this fucking blows!” Exactly; you haven’t had that feeling in god knows how long when it comes to the high-quality release output from the esteemed U.K heavy music label. And that golden track record continues with the next release from London’s Renounced with their new single, ‘Self Inflicted.’ Alongside other current groups like Dying Wish and Sanction, these English lads are surely leading the charge of the genre’s new blood right now.

Self Inflicted‘ is small parts of Poison The Well, a hint of Killswitch Engage, pieces of Norma Jean, and even some Lamb of God too. Yet like any other genre undergoing any old-school revival, the past comes back with a vengeance, and in the case of Renounced, it sounds heavier than ever. In terms of this current wave of metalcore revival, this is something new, something old, and something borrowed, musically speaking. But that’s okay: this sounds like 2008, in a good way.

With chugging riffs, squealing pinch harmonics, booming breakdowns, and melodic lines bouncing up against gruff screams, ‘Self Inflicted‘ comes together well enough. For a song like this over four minutes long, it just flies by. Not only that, the brief guest vocal feature from Brendan Murphy of Counterparts and END talking about the flaws of ourselves and the larger system is a nice little touch too.

Renounced’s new LP, ‘Beauty Is A Destructive Angel,’ is out September 27th via Holy Roar.

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