Sleep Token break up their formula with ‘The Offering’

He continues to bless us with new Sleep Token: ‘The Offering.’

As much as I love the cryptic art that Sleep Token creates, the anonymous U.K. group are extremely guilty of adhering to the same songwriting ideas across nearly all of their releases. You can see this in the majestic ‘Jericho‘, in 2018 single ‘Jaws‘, and you can even find it in their previous single, ‘The Night Does Not Belong God.’ Before now, the only track that’s genuinely different from its fellow releases was the gentle, stripped-back vocal hymn of ‘The Way That You Were‘ and their stunning ‘Hey Ya‘ cover.

Yet newest single ‘The Offering‘ breaks their own style tropes somewhat, with Vessel digging deeper into a lower, menacing vocal tone  and the mysterious frontman finally belting away his soulful cleans over the band’s churning, low-tuned prog-metal guitars and bleeping keys at various points. All before this foreboding, industrial synth-driven bridge drops you right into what is easily Sleep Token’s filthiest, densest breakdown to date.

While a thematically darker track than usual, representing deeper spiritual connections with other people, the song does well in terms of what Sleep Token always offer with their dynamic arrangements, use of electronics and keys, and powerful vocal and instrumental deliveries. Yet it also does enough for the band to shift and twist around their formula and make ‘The Offering‘ stand out as its own track. Something that they will hopefully continue to expand upon with the remaining ten tracks off their forthcoming debut record, keeping more surprises in-store for us as the album gets rolled out.

On that same topic, Sleep Token will be releasing their first LP, ‘Sundowning‘, on November 21st via Spinefarm Records, releasing a track every fortnight until the full album is out; a process that began two weeks ago with ‘The Night Does Not Belong To God.’ Take a bite of this newest ritual below:

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