‘Wasted Energy’: Press Club announce second album for August 16th release

Press Club’s second record, ‘Wasted Energy,’ is coming this August, along with new single, ‘Thinking Of You.’

Written about singer Natalie Foster dealing with a harassing stalker, ‘Thinking Of You‘ is a musically darker, lyrically creepier song than any other previous Press Club material thus far. Slower in tempo, filled with hazy guitar melodies, and being slightly less explosive in energy than other cuts from the Melbourne group, like say ‘Get Better‘, it has this unnerving voyeuristic tone to it all.

Despite the serious subject matter behind this new song’s meaning, this moody garage-rock track still contains that classic Press Club charm in the vocal hooks and the solid instrumental delivery. It’s lively, raw, honest, and that’s going to serve the quartet really well moving forward as they conquer Australia and the rest of the world soon enough.

Quickly following up 2018’s killer debut LP, ‘Late Teens‘, the group’s upcoming second record, ‘Wasted Energy‘, arrives August 16th. And I cannot fucking wait for it! Coming together around the release of their debut, it’s set to be another personally forthcoming, fiery punk rock record. Check out ‘Thinking Of You‘ below and I think it’s fair to say that that stalker can fuck off into the sun.

For more info on stalking & how to notice the signs & seek help, please head to these resources:

Victims Of Crime
Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

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