Before Their Eyes release re-recorded version of ‘City In A Snow Globe’

Before Their Eyes revisit their 2007 post-hardcore jam, ‘City In A Snow Globe.’

Ten years ago, 14-year-old me had a handful of go-to individual post-hardcore tracks that were frequently topping out my iTunes playlists. This ranged from Drop Dead, Gorgeous‘ ‘Killing A Classic‘, LoveHateHero’sAmity‘, Four Letter Lie’sNothing But A Ghost,’ Hopes Die Last’sThanks For Coming‘, and In Fear & Faith’sLive Love Die‘. Hey, don’t judge me too harshly: I didn’t know any better at time. This list also included ‘City In A Snow Globe,’ one of the bigger tracks (alongside ‘Life Was All A Dream‘) from Ohio-based Christian act, Before Their Eyes.

Turns out, Before Their Eyes are still a band in 2019. In fact, their most recent release was this week’s re-recording of ‘City In A Snow Globe.’ While not the only band to do this recently – both Silverstein and Knocked Loose have dropped updated versions of old material, with Senses Fail set to do the same thing later this year for their first EP – Before Their Eyes have put out a redux version of their first single, 12 years later, and it’s a blast from the past.

Originally the opening track off their 2007 self-titled record, even now ‘City In A Snow Globe‘ sounds like it belongs in that particular era of alternative and heavy music. Back when blessthefall were up-and-comers, when Escape The Fate were still popular, before Aaron Gillespie left Underoath, and when Misery Signals were far more active. Yet the track still has some real charm, more so than just merely cheap nostalgia factor. The production is punchier and more polished, obviously, but Nick Moore’s vocals still hold up so well in the singing and screaming departments – something that can’t always be said about vocalists in that scene. It’s faithful to the band’s original structure, and doesn’t change much. Yet I feel a good argument could be made that it didn’t need to be altered too much either: it’s more than fine with how it was, and how it currently is once again.

Check out this new re-recording of ‘City In A Snow Globe‘ below, along with the original 2008 track. It’s currently unclear whether or not Before Their Eyes have actually new material coming out this year or perhaps a re-recording release, but keep your eyes peeled.

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