Bare Bones worship at the altar of riffs on ‘Crawl The Night’

There’s some finger-licking good riffs on ‘Crawl The Night’.

I’m not quite sure who said the phrase “it’s all about the riffs,” and I doubt Bare Bones know exactly who it was either, but they definitely took the sentiment to heart with their new track, ‘Crawl The Night.’

With chugging chord progressions and chunky riffs, all backed up by a stomping rhythm section that grooves hard, the Sydney outfit’s first release since 2017’s ‘Bad Habits‘ debut LP is another decent cross-over of hardcore and metal; like an inter-section between clear inspirations like Every Time I Die, The Bronx, Cancer Bats, Slayer, Pantera, and Metallica. It sees Bare Bones turning the amp dials up and beefing the instrumentals, vocals and production, making for a relatively cool, head-banging three-minutes. In-keeping with their sound, this brash, punchy tune is about as Southern-flavoured in tone and riffage as supporting confederacy, being anti-abortion, NASCAR, and voting against one’s own interests.

Crawl The Night‘ also features a small segment from author/philosopher/humanist, Eliezer Wiesel, with the sample of “an annihilation that only man can provoke” at the tracks very end. Vocalist Thomas Kennedy explained more on what ‘Crawl The Night‘ was trying to get across in its message of redemption and change, saying it’s about “being at your wits end with the war within your mind and your mental state, the inability to shoot straight with yourself and make changes and instead turning to self destructive tendencies.”

Squad up and crawl into that cruel night below. Anticipate a second Bare Bones LP later this year.

Bare Bones live dates:

Friday August 9 – Oxford Art Factory Gallery, Sydney
w/ Arteries, Reliqa & Wolf Creek

Saturday August 10 – Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne
w/ Arteries, Netti & Run

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