‘Purgatorium’: Adelaide’s Freedom Of Fear reveal new song from debut LP

‘Purgatorium’ comes off the Adelaide metal bands’ debut LP. 

Recently signing with EVP Recordings off the back of an apparent face-shredding performance at Blacken Open Air Festival 2018, Adelaide’s Freedom Of Fear this week announced their debut record, ‘Nocturnal Gates‘, for an August 2nd release. With this news also came the release of a new single, ‘Purgatorium‘, and it’s a solid first taste of what this budding metal band can achieve.

Purgatorium‘ is a fierce sounding, well-produced piece that never quite feels like it actually went for six and a half minutes, showing great songwriting and structuring chops from the South Australian quintet. There’s finer pieces of artists like Death, Gojira and Deafheaven all worked into the tight, hellish sounds of ‘Purgatorium‘. What with the track skirting brutal and tech-death metal moments with Jade Monserrat’s low growls, Jarrad Taylor’s load-bearing blast beats, Matt Walters and Corey Davis‘ slicing harmonics and low-string guitar hammering, to more melodic black metal, tremolo-laden and virtuoso parts as the piece drives forward with new dynamic and style shifts. Just look to that screaming, cleanly played vibrato-heavy guitar solo that kicks off at 2:58, or the song’s quieter, serene mid-section that follows soon afterwards for my latter point. Bassist Georgina Kittel even gets some little licks in as well between the tracks rapid but tightly-wound cacophony.

No matter how you spin it, though, Freedom Of Fear have stormed right out of the gate with a strong, sturdy and sound reason as to why the Australian heavy music scene should be paying close attention come August 2nd. In the mean time, descend into a wicked purgatory below:

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