‘The Mother Road’: Chelsea Wolfe releases first song from new album, ‘Birth Of Violence’

Chelsea Wolfe enters the ‘Birth Of Violence’ era with the haunting dark folk of ‘The Mother Road.’

The enigmatic and wonderful Chelsea Wolfe is well-known for creating deep, dynamic textures and tackling new styles and sounds on each new record of hers. Forthcoming album ‘Birth Of Violence‘, which is out September 13th, 2019 via Sargent House, is set to do just that. Collaborated with usual suspect, Ben Chisholm, this new LP follows 2017’s acclaimed doom/sludge/industrial offering ‘Hiss Spun‘, as well as her recent guest features with the likes of Deafheaven and Chino Moreno.

The neo-folky and dark Americana sounds of ‘The Mother Road‘ – a name in-keeping with the paternal element of the new album’s title – exudes that classic, unnerving and alluring quality of Chelsea’s music. The spindling acoustic guitars, along with the sparse percussion from Jess Gowrie, creates this bleak backdrop against Chelsea’s dulcet vocals, with these startling modulated guitar or synths peaking out every now and then. Once the violas from Ezra Buchla enter and percussion picks up towards the tracks end, the piece becomes more even menacing and expands outward; taking a high road, like a flower caught in a violent bloom, lyrically opening up about the weight of harboured pain and female mental and emotional endurance until an eventual breaking point is reached.

The Mother Road‘ is a haunting but powerful track, but I don’t think anyone would’ve expected anything less from a talented artist like Chelsea Wolfe. Bring on September 13th!

‘Birth Of Violence’ track-listing:

1. The Mother Road
2. American Darkness
3. Birth Of Violence
4. Deranged For Rock & Roll
5. Be All Things
6. Erde
7. When Anger Turns to Honey
8. Dirt Universe
9. Little Grave
10. Preface to a Dream Play
11. Highway
12. The Storm

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