Honest Crooks return with new line-up & new single

Honest Crooks, still Hellsworth’s heaviest band.
[PC: Aidan Griffith.]

Since their early days as a band, Honest Crooks have always labelled themselves as “Hellsworth’s Heaviest.” Given how brutal and slamming the group’s output has been, namely their solid 2017 EP, ‘Suffer‘, they’ve more than lived up to their own branding. So too does their latest track, the short-lived but tectonic ‘Hellsworth’s Heaviest‘.

With a new line-up – seeing guitarist Brodie Graham switch to vocals, replacing frontman Jerry Chard, with original drummer Jesse Green going to guitar duties and touring drummer Sam McCloud now becoming a full-time member – the NSW bruisers have dropped a short but punishing new tune today. Sitting at 77 seconds long, ‘Hellsworth’s Heaviest‘ is the Honest Crooks of before, now all condensed down to just over one filthy minute, all with one seriously phat mix too.

From the spacey, drum-heavy intro, to the slower neck-snapping breakdown at 0:34, this is a real statement of intent for the band and their violent sound moving forward; a first taste-tester of the heaviness and brutality that’s no doubt set to come later in 2019 from Honest Crooks. Check it:

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