Marshmello collabs with A Day To Remember for ‘Rescue Me’

The electronic producer/DJ recently teamed up with the Ocala City boys.

27-year-old Christopher Comstock, AKA Marshmello, has the EDM and pop world in the palm of his hands lately. From smash hits like ‘Alone‘ and ‘Stars‘, 800+ million Spotify streams, previous collabs with CHVRCHES for ‘Here With Me‘ and the Bastille-featuring tear-jerker ‘Happier‘, to  even doing a live gig in motherfucking Fortnite, he’s a huge name in mainstream music.

Following on from his first two records, ‘Joytime‘ (2016) and ‘Joytime II‘ (2018), the numerically logical follow-up of ‘Joytime III‘ is set to be arriving later this year, and it’s first single is ‘Rescue Me‘, featuring the A Day To Remember lads. And hey, what is technically A Day To Remember’s first new material in three years could’ve been a lot worse.

While it’s first and foremost a Marshmello track, it’s not so much featuring ADTR as it is just mainly featuring Jeremy McKinnon. Despite the silly and corny, Castaway-esque music video – one that’s right up the alley for ADTR’s film clips, given past goofy visuals like this and this – the rest of the band are more or less just their for show. For the song features little live drumming nor much in the way of guitars and bass (aside from the pre-chorus section and bridge), with Marshmello’s synth melodies, arpeggios and electro-percussion taking the lead roles alongside Jeremy’s vocals.

Armed with what is an admittedly decent vocal hook courtesy of Jeremy and some solid EDM/future bass production from the giant marshmallow head himself, ‘Rescue Me‘ is a cute yet safe, poppy crossover. And to be fair, that’s what it was always going to be once news of the collaboration hit the internet days before the song’s release last week. Still, an ADTR breakdown in the key of happy wouldn’t have gone amiss in the final build-up or during the last chorus, adding a kick in the guts to for a bigger send-off.

Whether you’re a fan or just morbidly curious, check it all out below:

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