Sanction cut deep & hard with ‘Radial Lacerations’

‘Radial Lacerations’ is taken from Sanction’s first full-length record, ‘Broken In Refraction’, coming July 26th.
[📸 Gabe Becerra Photo & Visuals.]

Sanction make music as if old horror-movie VHS tapes were twisted around violently panicked and dissonant early 2000’s metalcore, what with booming breakdowns, feral vocals, dirty guitar tones and pingy snare drums. Yet if anything, that’s what makes this upstart American group stick out from the pack, even with the much-lauded Myspace-era scene revival of late; a movement being spear-headed by the likes of their peers in SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Wristmeetrazor.

Radial Lacerations‘ is all about one’s own metaphorical wounds of their past mistakes lingering in the back of their head; a pained, grim track that echoes both fragile mental states and what’ll no doubt come next from this demented hardcore bands’ mind. With eerie samples, subtle death metal influences, a list of sick Disembodied-esque riffs, and plenty of dramatic energy and creepy 1940’s visuals, this is Sanction going in hard. ‘Radial Lacerations‘ sounds like a bloody fist-fight outside of an hardcore/metalcore show circa 2003 spread out over two and a half minutes: it’s pretty fuckin’ cool!

With the band now backed by Pure Noise Records for their upcoming debut album, ‘Broken In Refraction‘ (out July 26th), Sanction are more than likely set to have a legendary 2019, hopefully offering a great new follow-up to their 2018 EP, ‘The Infringement Of God’s Plan‘. Check out the tortured sounds of ‘Radial Lacerations‘ below, as well as a live play-through of it from drummer Dillon Perino over here.

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