The Armed release insane new song, ‘FT. FRANK TURNER’

Just another day in the strange lives of The Armed. 

Just so we’re all on the same wave-length here, The Armed’s newest song is called ‘FT. FRANK TURNER‘. However, it doesn’t actually feature English rock/folk/singer-songwriter Frank Turner, other than a few vocal takes from an old recording session of his from about eight years ago (samples that he didn’t clear to be used here). Then, the cover artwork for this new single is simply just a photo of Frank Carter. As in Frank Carter from Gallows and The Rattlesnakes fame. And this tracks opening drum fill is a sample or musical quotation of the opening drum fill from Converge’sEagles Become Vultures‘, whose drummer, Ben Koller, also played/plays in The Armed. So… did you get all of that?

I mean, we’re talking about a band here who uses band promo photos – much like the pic above – where half the people in said photos don’t actually play in the band currently. At least not when performing live. We’re also talking about a band who partners up with Adult Swim for their premieres and who got The Room’s Tommy Wiseau to appear in their ‘Role Models‘ music video. Anything and everything is possible with this group.

The mysterious U.S. band’s first new release since 2018’s most excellent ‘Only Love‘ LP – one of my 2018 faves, by the way – is a downright weird and wild 88 seconds of hardcore punk. It’s a chaotic, noisy, dissonant mess, but that’s why it’s so damn cool.

Honestly, for me, this is all just more reason to love The Armed. It’s just the usual for them: expect the unexpected, the band doing whatever they hell they want. There’s probably a potential law-suit there by using Frank Turner’s vocals without clearing it with him first, on top of using Carter’s face and likeness used as the art cover. However, something also tells me that The Armed just do not give a shit. (Or that both Frank’s are in on it, and this is all just one big public ruse. I’d believe either story, really.)

Check out the crazed, DIY-style skate video for ‘FT. FRANK TURNER‘ – directed by the band’s usual visual collaborator, Tony Wolski, and featuring their typical gillie, leaf and swamp-monster suited characters – below. The band are also on Sargent House now (Chelsea Wolfe, Brutus) so expect a new EP or album in the near future.

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