City and Colour (Dallas Green) releases first new song in four years, ‘Astronaut’

Okay, Houston, we’ve got a new City and Colour song here. 

So far in 2019 already, we’ve seen not one but two new singles from Alexisonfire, an event that most fans thought would never happen. Now the same is true for Alexisonfire’s guitarist/singer, Dallas Green, as he breaks the release drought for City and Colour with  chilled and hazy new single, ‘Astronaut‘ – his first proper new release since 2015’s ‘If I Should Go Before You‘ LP.

Other then being another great excuse to show-off just how talented of a singer Dallas Green is, ‘Astronaut‘ structurally plays out like a rocket launch. It’s soft and minimal at first, the quiet calm before the eventual take off; the sluggish drums and shimmering guitars that later come in signal the engines starting to wake up and the control room getting ready for take-off; when the fuzzier bass enters, and with the guitars firing harder and the ride cymbal taking centre stage, the actual take-off has begun; and as the track fades away into a blissful, humming ether, City and Colour’s proverbial rocket glides beyond our atmosphere and out into the endless vacuum of space. All guided along by the controlled, elegant voice of Dallas Green.

My space voyage analysis isn’t just for the sake of it either; Dallas even refers to himself as some sort of wandering vagabond in regards to this new single. Speaking about this latest release, he mentions how various relationships in his life have been damaged and strained by his on-going musical career, sharing that:

“I always think of the relationships in my life that have been fractured because I ended up doing what I do for a living. I’m always gone, wandering around and singing songs. However, it weighs on my family and friends. I’m asking for ‘one more year’. I left home at 21 to go play my guitar. It’s lonely, but it’s because I yearn to wander. I’m aware of how lucky I am.”

Astronaut‘ is taken from Dallas’s upcoming sixth album, now set to be released later this year via his own company, Still Records, an imprint of Dine Alone Records (the label home to Alexisonfire).

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