‘Talking Heads’: Northlane release new single from ‘Alien’

‘Talking Heads’ shows that ‘Alien’ is going to be out of this world. 

Northlane are at an interesting and exciting time in their career, on the cusp of another huge album cycle with ‘Alien‘, yet with that comes some nervousness, some anxiety, and some darkness. These more negative-skewed feelings have indeed been heard on the record’s previous two singles – ‘Vultures‘ and ‘Bloodline‘ – and those very same thoughts burst through the wall with their new album’s latest probe, ‘Talking Heads‘. Here, it’s about being overwhelmed and “outspoken” by a chorus of inner-voices – of talking heads, if you will – that smother your own voice and thoughts. ‘Talking Heads‘ is about pushing through that cacophony of insecurities and (hopefully) coming out the other side alive. Not surviving unscathed, Northlane sure sound better because of their harrowing journey with this new cut.

From the modern industrial vibes, Nic’s great polyrhythmic drumming, the jumpy Drop F riffs (that are detuned further via some Kemper/AXE FX fiddling), Whammy dissonance, stunning atmospherics and Marilyn Manson-esque talking parts Marcus does, not even mentioning his fantastic vocal performance throughout, there’s just so much going on with ‘Talking Heads‘. There is just so much to love about this dark, electro, industrial-prog-metalcore soundscape. There’s also so much great contrast occurring, like how the second verse goes super low yet Marcus brings in his higher singing register.

Now, it’s not the most technical track in the band’s song library, but it didn’t need to be in order to be this heavy and this satisfying. It’s Northlane just being Northlane, keeping things heavy as fuck, maintaining really interesting song structures, with some of Nolly’s best production work (notice the bass popping through what is already such a chaotic track) and Marcus sounding the best he ever has behind the mic – both in singing and screaming. ‘Alien‘ is gonna be something else, just you watch.

Alien‘ lands August 2nd, 2019. Stop talking and listen:

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